Sybelstraße 2
10629 Berlin

Exchange between year-9-students from OBC Bemmel (NL) and SCG Berlin (DE)

Monday, 24.09. (Darya, Maria)

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the really clean train station Arnhem Centraal. On our bus trip to Bemmel we were even more surprised when we saw a real cow on a rooftop!
We were really excited to meet our exchange partners for the first time in front of the school. At our host families’ houses we found out that the Dutch do not take their shoes off at home. Differ-ent habits!

Tuesday, 25.09. (Vici, Louisa, Julia)
Cycling is VERY popular in the Netherlands, which we saw with our own eyes on the first day of school. Almost everyone came to school by bike. We met many other cycling students and rode as a large group. The school has a very large shed for all the bikes. We had never seen so many bikes in one place and they were all different (electric, regular, mountain …) It was a nice change to cycle every day in the beautiful rural area, but generally prefer to go by bus.

Wednesday, 26.09. (Alisha, Anneliese, Annemieke, Fabrizio)
On Wednesday we went to the Openlucht Museum in Arnhem. It’s an open-air museum where we saw for example how old Dutch houses were built and learnt a lot about life in the country.
After that our group of six Dutch and seven German girls went bowling and had much fun. I think we really liked each other even though the Dutch girls won!

Thursday, 27.09. (Caroline, Deborah, Iliana)
Out eagerly anticipated trip to Amsterdam! We started with a “selfie-tour”. We had to take photos of famous sights like the Oude Kerk (Old Church) or the Anne Frank Huis and send them to the teacher.
After that we went to the Rijksmuseum where we could see pictures like “The Nightwatch” by Rem-brandt as well as Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait.
In our free time we enjoyed the beautiful old buildings and the canals. We also went to the famous flower market. It was very unusual for us to see so many cyclists in such a big city! We wished we had had more time to see more of this great city. This day has clearly encouraged us to come to Amsterdam again.

Friday, 28.09. (Fabrizio)
First we assembled at the OBC with our bikes where we were split into groups and got a worksheet to fill in on the bike tour.
Then we all met at Doornenburg (a castle) before starting the canoeing tour. One boat capsized – and I suspect the Dutch boys even liked it.
A fabulous way to finish the trip was the farewell party at Fort Lent. It is a national monument and party venue run by Pepijn’s father. So we were really lucky to be able to party there.

Saturday, 29.09. (Lara, Yael)
Saying farewell turned out to be a very emotional and sad moment, even though we were looking forward to coming home at the same time. Now we can’t wait to see the Dutch class in Berlin in May 2019!